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Dentex Dental Plan Members receive excellent care at affordable prices through our top-tier network. Join today and save today!


Individual Plan

Monthly: $9.95
Yearly: $119.40

Individual + 1 Plan

Monthly: $15.95
Yearly: $191.40

Family Plan

Monthly: $18.95
Yearly: $227.40

Group Plan

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Is Dentex an insurance program?

NO. Dentex is a discount dental plan. We do not sell or offer insurance of any kind.

What if I already have dental insurance? Does Dentex work with my insurance?

There are many types of insurance coverage and it is not possible for us to offer advice how our plan works with any of them, if at all. Please ask your individual Provider what they are willing to do. Depending on your Provider, Dentex may act as a supplement to your dental insurance and your dentist may honor Dentex fees after you have exceeded and exhausted all insurance benefits first.

How does Dentex work?

It’s very simple.

  • 1. Sign up with Dentex
  • 2. Make an appointment with one of our Providers.
  • 3. Receive reduced fees and pay your dentist directly at the time of service.

Do I need a membership card?

No. Just let your dentist know you’re a Dentex Member and they can verify your account status with us with just your first and last name, or email address.

Do I have to file a claim to get the savings?

No. There are no claim forms or other paperwork to file.

Can I use my benefits as often as I want?

Yes. You can visit your dentist as often as you want and always receive the discounted fees.

How do I know which dentists honor the Dentex fees?

When you sign up, you will receive a confirmation email with a list of providers included. You can also visit our website at www.dentex.net and click Provider List to search for dentists and specialists near you.

Am I stuck with 1 dentist?

Absolutely not! Freedom to choose your dentist is a very important pillar of Dentex. As long as they’re in our network of 200+ dentists, you can choose who to visit.

Why would a Provider be interested in being a part of Dentex?

Millions of Americans are uninsured, have dental insurance that does not serve them, or simply cannot afford the high cost of dental services. With Dentex, consumers are able to get the care they need and providers see this as an opportunity to acquire new patients and increase their practice. Moreover, dentists can eliminate the never-ending stream of red tape, payment delays, and expense typically associated with patients filing insurance claims.

Do I have to pay the reduced rate at the time of service?

Yes. All payments are due at the time of service.

Are there any exclusions?

EVERYTHING is discounted 25% or more. The only exception is orthodontic treatment that is already in progress.

When can I start using the plan?

Right away! As soon as you sign up with Dentex, you can visit your dentist immediately.

Dentex VS. Dental Insurance?

Traditional dental insurance plans are confusing, expensive, and typically will not meet your individual needs. With Dentex there are no maximums, no deductibles, no waiting periods, no pre-existing conditions, and no claim forms to file. We cut insurance companies out of the picture entirely, allowing our Providers to skip the headache of claims and paperwork and in turn can give the discounts directly to the patient.

Is everything discounted?

Yes. Our General Dentist Fee Schedule shows the negotiated discounted amount you will pay for specific services. Anything not listed on the Fee Schedule, or performed by any of our Specialists, is an automatic 25% discount from that dentist’s customary fees.

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