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Benefit from Discount Dental Care in Katy

April 17, 2017

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Discover the benefits of discount dental care in Katy.The American Dental Association recommends everyone visits the dentist twice a year for preventive care. This is vital to protecting dental health. In addition, your oral health is directly linked to your overall health. If your dental health becomes compromised, you can suffer serious health complications, such as cardiovascular disease. Unfortunately, 25% of people delay getting dental care due to the cost. At Dentex, we do not want to see you place your oral or overall health at risk due to finances. We offer service plans for discount dental care in Katy.

Benefit from Discount Dental Care

Discount dental plans allow you to receive the dental care you need for an affordable price. Many often confuse these plans with dental insurance; however, the two are very different. A discount dental plan allows you to pay a fee to become a member. Then, specific services are covered under the plan to allow you to enjoy lower rates for dental services.

Discount Dental Plans for the Whole Family

At Dentex, we offer several discount dental plans—no matter if you need care for yourself or the entire family. Since the plans are not a dental insurance, you will benefit from no waiting period. After your membership fee has been processed, you can begin going to the dentist immediately. There is not an age limit so your entire family can benefit from affordable care.

In addition, there is no limit on your benefits like that of a dental insurance. Plus, pre-existing conditions are covered, such as periodontal disease. You will not have to pay a deductible and there are no claims to file with an insurance company.

You have the freedom to choose from specialists within out network, allowing you to benefit from a 25% discount. You can use the membership plan for an array of dental services, including orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry.

Your savings plan can be used for preventive dentistry, such as for x-rays and dental sealants. If you experience damage to a tooth, our savings plan allows you to enjoy discounted restorative dentistry. The plan covers many common procedures, including dental fillings, crowns, and root canal therapy. You will even benefit from discounted rates for special procedures, such as periodontal therapy, tooth extractions, and dental prosthetics.

This is the ideal option for those who do not have dental insurance. While you cannot use the dental plan along with your dental insurance, you can use it after your traditional insurance is maxed out. Your Dentex fees will then apply or if a specific procedure is not covered by your insurance plan.

Enjoy Affordable Dental Care

Your family’s dental health should not be placed at risk due to finances. Your family deserves to maintain their dental health with an affordable option. At Dentex, we provide the solutions you need to visit your dentist regularly without having to delay care.

If you are ready to recommit to your oral health with affordable dental care, choose the best discount dental plan to meet your needs.

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