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Are You In Need of Affordable Dental Care in Katy for Your Employees?

March 27, 2017

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Are you in need of a dental financing plan for your employees?The cost of healthcare is at the forefront of most everyone’s minds these days. Getting the quality care that you need and deserve is often very expensive and not in everyone’s budget. The same is true of high quality dentistry, and as an employer, you want to do whatever you can to help defray the cost of your employee’s health care. If Dentex could offer your employees excellent dental care at an affordable discounted price, would you want to learn how? Of course you would!

What is Dentex?

Dentex is a membership plan that allows its participants to receive dental care at a discounted price from a network of quality providers. It is our goal to help our members achieve and maintain optimum oral health by giving them access to the best dental care from excellent, trusted providers at an affordable price.

This is a great option to offer your employees as it’s easy and straightforward to use, and it covers a wide range of dental services. Dentex is a great way to offer your employees affordable dental care in Katy.

Is Dentex a Type of Dental Insurance?

Dentex is not dental insurance, and you will find that it’s structured much differently. You’ll pay a yearly membership fee and receive discounts on your dental services as you receive them. Our network providers agree to our fees so that you can benefit from the savings immediately.

There are many differences between Dentex and traditional dental insurance such as:

  • No deductibles
  • No waiting periods for receiving the care you need
  • No maximums or limits on your benefits
  • No claim forms to file
  • No age limits
  • Pre-existing conditions are covered without question
  • Orthodontics is included
  • Cosmetic dentistry is included

Because Dentex is not structured like traditional dental insurance, we can offer amenities to our patients that are truly beneficial such as no pre-exisiting exclusions, no waiting periods for care, and no yearly maximums.

How Can My Employees Sign Up For Dentex?

Dentex is easy to sign up for online or over the phone. Membership fees can be paid for with a one-time payment or convenient monthly payments. There are plans for individuals and families. We make it easy to sign up for Dentex, and you can begin enjoying your benefits right away!

Contact Dentex

Want to learn more about discount dental care in Katy? Contact Dentex today to learn more and get your employees signed up.

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